2009 Disney Trip!!


Last Updated: Monday, June 22, 2009


2009 Disney Trip

Follow Mikayla, Ethan and Annika each day as they experience Disney!!


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Saturday 6/13 Hollywood Studio's and Star Wars Weekends today!!
Friday 6/12 Hollywood Studio's and Star Wars Weekends today!!
Thursday 6/11 Animal Kingdom and Downtown Dinsey and on the list for today.

Wednesday 6/10

The kids should have been off to their Pirate Treasure hunt, but due to a registration error, they were signed up at a different hotel.  So they missed out on that opportunity.  I had two crying children and one near tears wife.  So, to make it all better I suggested we head over to Typhoon Lagoon water park for the day.  Nothing like fun in the sun & water to make things better!!  We started off on a trip around the Lazy River.  We then found the tube slides and Ketchakiddee Creek, where Annika could have some fun.  One problem though.. on the Lazy River Annika was on a raft with Mikayla when Mikayla decided to 'lean' forward.  Any parent's worst nightmare is when one of your little ones falls into the drink, and that's what happened.  Mikayla was quick to respond, pulling her sister above water.  Daddy was also right there to assist and mommy.. well she was 'maneuvering' on her raft to get off...lol.  Annika was now a vice and wanted nothing to do with the water.  No kids area, no mini water slides, no nothing.  Funny at first, but then annoying as the day went on.  So Mikayla, Ethan and I then went on the Family tube slide where all three of us were in one raft.  Fun stuff.  We then had lunch and I can officially report Mikayla has made her first purchase, sort of.  Lunch was a Grilled Cheese Pretzel and she had to have TWO!!  Does that count?  After lunch Ethan and I headed into the Surf Pool where the waves reach an amazing 12 feet heigh!!  We started off in the shallow end and moved our way out to deeper waters.  At about the 5' 5" mark, I'm holding Ethan and on my tippy toes trying to stay above water, the wave hits us and pushes us closer to shore.  I asked Ethan if that was too much, and, as he's spitting water from his mouth he responds, "No (cough), that was Awesome."  Great comment!  We headed back to the hotel about 4pm to clean up.  We headed to Epcot and did two more Kim Possible missions, followed by dinner in Italy.  To make things better, I secretly told them it was Maria Lisa's birthday and they came out and sung Happy Birthday in Italian!!  What a dinner we had!  The kids, though, were starting to show some signs of exhaustion.  Seems the water park took it's toll making them tired?  Was it possible?  We decided to head in and call it an early night (about 9pm).  Good thing as it was about to start raining.  We made it back to the hotel just in time.  Not many pictures from today, sorry.
Tuesday 6/9 Today we're planning stops at Epcot and a Monorail ride to the Magic Kingdom! Our first stop at Epcot was a ride on a Clamobile as we joined our undersea pals on a quest to find Nemo! Ok, I took that right out of the flyer, sounds cool though ;) We then found Bruce for a great photo opp, but Annika was a little hesitant so look for Mommy in those pictures ;) After that we headed to pick-up our Kim Possible Kimmunicator. KP and her pals need our help and will be sending us on missions at a few of the countries inside the World Showcase. For those wondering the Kimmunicator is a type of cell phone device that lets us interact with Kim, Ron and Wade (from the Kim Possable TV show on disney channel). It shows video on a small screen and gives us directions while we’re on the missions. Problem is you only get one Kimmunicator, and we have three children, and you now see the dilemma before us. Let the fighting and bickering commence as to who gets to hold it and who gets to press the buttons!! I thought for sure my wife was taking us to some exotic country for lunch. Well we ended up at the Liberty Inn at the American Adventure? Ok, not so exotic. Right after lunch we spotted Pluto, Goofy, Minnie and Mickey!! We were able to get pictures with everyone but Mickey before he had to leave. We hit a few more countries and one more KP adventure in China before we grabbed the Monorail and headed over to the Magic Kingdom! Fist stop was The Magic Carpets of Aladdin!! No one got spit on by the camel! Darn, maybe next time!! After that we decided to see those Pirates of the Caribbean! Annika was surprisingly good at this attraction. After that we spotted Peter Pan and Wendy and stopped for a quick chat and a photo. Peter looked at Ethan's hat and told us that White Sox go on your feet!! The kids really wanted to go on Splash Mountain the three of us spent about 45 minutes in line while Mommy and Annika walked over to get us Fast Passes (going forward will be designated as FP) on Buzz's Space Ranger Spin. We didn't get as wet as we expected on Splash Mountain which was kinda disappointing for everyone. On our walk over to meet Mommy and Annika we stopped to get something to drink. We stopped at the Funnel Cake shop JUST FOR DRINKS. Ethan ordered two drinks and one funnel cake? "But Mom loves them." he beamed. So Dad paid.. again. Mom wasn't so hungry for her favorite snack, but she took a bite because her kids thought of her (as they devoured the whole thing). So on to Buzz's Space Ranger Spin we went. Ethan did better on his shots and scored a little higher than his prior scores. After that we planned on heading over our to dinner reservations while catching some rides along the way. We passed by the Tomorrowland Speedway first and decided to drive some race cars!! Mikayla was tall enough to go in a car by herself, but she shed some tears and told us she didn't want to :( So Daddy and Ethan paired up while Mommy, Mikayla and Annika had their own car. Mikayla ended up driving and giving her mother a small case of whiplash as she drove her car to the edge and back! Ethan drove the boys car behind the girls! We passed the Mad Tea Party and decided to go spin on some tea cups, everyone except Mommy that is. Something about spinning in a circle? We ended up at our dinner spot a few minutes early. Liberty Tree Tavern to be exact, where the meal was served family style!! After dinner, Mommy and Mikayla headed over to the Fairies waiting line (again!) and Daddy, Annika and Ethan found a good spot to watch the Fireworks from behind the castle. What we thought was a good spot looking at the back of the castle turned out to be not so good as the fireworks are actually launched from behind the park and not from the castle itself. So if you're looking to get a good spot to view them (aichele, berkbr), I'd suggest somewhere in the front of the park on Main Street to view the castle and the fireworks. Annika covered her ears but enjoyed the 'Fire Cracks' for the most part. We then joined the other girls in the Fairies line. We had hoped to record (with the video camera) any mischief that Ethan got into ;) Well it wasn't to be as he was a good boy tonight. Maybe he learned from his previous encounter that you "don't mess with Fairies" as Tink would say? Rosetta even remembered Ethan from the night before!! Fun times!! After that we found some good seats to watch the parade. Actually they were great seats. But I want to tell you about the guy sitting next to us. He had his daughter with him. As the parade started Ariel was one of the first princesses to go by. His daughter had an Ariel dress on so I'm guessing she was her 'favorite' princess. So dad yelled and got Ariel to wave and blow kisses at his daughter. How cute. But dad continued to yell at every character as they went by in the parade? Unreal.. I mean maybe the one she likes the most, but everyone? Come on!! I just know we'll be laughing about it as we watch and listen to this on our video camera when we get home.

Monday 6/8

Up and out to the Magic Kingdom!!  We got to the park a little after it opened.  We planned on Ethan and me getting our hair done, but the line was already too long.  So, we headed over Cinderella's Royal Table for breakfast.  All the princesses were there to meet with us and take some pictures.  After breakfast we headed to the carousel, which was preceded by the Sword in the Stone photos.  Other rides were It's a Small World, followed by Snow White's Scary Adventure, Peter Pan's Flight & Dumbo the Flying Elephant.  We then headed back  to the barber shop so Ethan and I could get our hair done.  Then, almost 2 hours later, we were finished and had red, white and blue colors along with Pixie/Pirate dust in our hair!!  Sweet!!  While waiting, everyone was able to see Mickey and the Street Parade.  We then had lunch at the Columbia Harbor House.  Seems Daddy is able to eat chicken again!!  After lunch we went to see Mike Wazowski at Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor.  Then, Dad and Mikayla & Ethan went on Stitch's Great Escape.  Ethan and Mikayla were still a little scared on this one ;)  The girls then went to get their hair done and the boys went on Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin.  After meeting up with the girls and seeing their wonderful transformations into beautiful Princesses, we headed back to see if the fairies were taking photo's at the Hall of Fame tent.  The wait was well over an hour so we decided to eat dinner first and come back.  Dinner was at Tony's Town Square Restaurant from Lady and the Tramp.  After dinner we headed back to those fairies, and boy do I have a story for you!! So we all know Tinker Bell has a little attitude, right?  And we all know Ethan isn't so fond of princesses and fairies, but puts up with them for his sisters, right?  Well.. Tink called him over to take some pictures and Ethan wasn't so happy about it.  So Tink started yelling at Ethan!! Tink called him a stinky, smelly porcupine head!!  She even played with his face to get him to smile for the camera.  So then we moved over by Rosetta the fairy. Ethan told his mother "That's why I don't like fairies!"  Tink was still yelling at Ethan!!  Then Rosetta chased Ethan for a picture!!  Ethan squirted her with his water/fan bottle!!  Rosetta grabbed it from him and tried to squirt Ethan, but Ethan ran up the hallway.  Rosetta then chased Ethan up the hallway to squirt him!!  So now were about to leave and Tink is still yelling at Ethan.  Unreal!!  We're going to try and go back to see them tomorrow so we can catch something like this on video!  Funny stuff!!  After that we headed for some more pictures with the princesses as the girls had their hair done.  The time was now 11pm and we decided to try and see Minnie & Mickey's houses, as almost no one is in the park.  We were one of the last ones to see Mickey in his tent on this night.  It's late and were going to sleep in tomorrow and then head to Epcot and then back to the MK for dinner and some more rides.  We'll see how it goes!!  Purchases: Ethan water/squirt bottle.  Annika: Pluto pen  Mikayla: still nothing.  But someone had put a 2nd squirt/water bottle in our stroller after Stitch's Escape.  So now we have two!!  Sweet!

I'll be putting pictures up tomorrow, sorry Zia


Late Sunday night

As I was writing last night, Ethan woke up.  I assumed he was going to go to the washroom.  He walked over inbetween the two full size beds and just stands there.  I go over to him and help him into the washroom.  I tell him to go potty.  He closes the door and I go back to writing this.  3 minutes later he's still not out of the washroom.  So I go and check on him.  He opens the door and he's just standing over the toilet.  I open the toilet and tell him to go and what do I see?  He put a towel into the toilet?  I can't make this stuff up!!  I make him go potty and put him back into bed.  Monday morning he remmebers nothing!!  Beleave it!!
Sunday 6/7 Woke at 6am and off for Disney at 6:45am.  Arrived at 10:45am and checked into our room.  12pm and we're off via a boat ride to Hollywood Studios and Star Wars Weekend. Jeremy Bulloch, David Prowse & Jay Laga'aia were the celebs on-hand today.  We took pictures with some clones, Ahsoka & Captain Rex, Prince Caspian and then, finally, Annika got to see Mickey!!  A little apprehensive at first, but she eventually got kisses from Mickey!!  Frozone followed, along with some looks at Disney artwork.  As everyone was tired, we got one last minute autograph from Queen Amidala and we headed back for an early night.  Purchases: Ethan: Lightsaber. Annika: Stitch keychain Maria Lisa: Backpack (after I told her to bring one, but she said the "bag" would be good enough). Louis: Star Wars Weekend Coin Plaque and Collector Pin of Yoda & Mickey
Saturday 6/6 The Drive Down: Left home at 6:45am.  Multiple stops for gas & food.  Stopped in Valdosta, GA for the night, leaving us about 3 hours out from Disney.  Forgot about the hour time change so we're getting to the hotel at about Midnight.  Ugh.
Friday 6/5 Special thanks to Jeff Schwarze for his use of AT&T wiressless card that makes all of these updates possible!!  A true friend he is.